Graduate Structural Engineer, Leeds - 2019 start (3390)

Graduate Structural Engineer, Leeds - 2019 start

At BuroHappold, we’re passionate about great engineering. And always have been.

We are a holistic engineering practice, where engineers are more than just human calculators, they’re helpers in shaping solutions, making the world a better place to live in.

When it comes to your graduate career, don’t opt for the obvious. Don’t accept the average. Expect the best and work with the best. 

 We make the vision viable.


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Building Structures
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What is Structural Engineering?

Creativity, analysis, ingenuity and a touch of technical genius combine to deliver exciting, efficient structures that go beyond expectations.

Sophisticated structural testing techniques and meticulous analysis of materials, methods, costs, risks and sustainability – working with our structural engineering experts, you can achieve your vision without compromising on practicality and efficiency.

Work with us and your project will benefit from the knowledge and experience of multi award-winning engineers. BuroHappold garnered SEAoNY awards for two of its most prestigious projects: Yale University School of Management and the National 9/11 Memorial Pavilion

Yale University School of Management, USA - BuroHappold garnered SEAoNY award for winning the New Buildings over $100M.


What sort of projects would I work on?

National 9/11 Memorial Pavilion, USA – Won SEAoNY award in the $30M to $100M categories respectively. The unprecedented challenge with the National September 11 Memorial and Museum came in the form of a unique Snøhetta design, with limited structural support, constraints on all sides, security requirements, and complex geometry.

Médiacité Retail Centre, Belgium – a design embodying structural complexity.

Glasgow Riverside Museum, UK - Zaha Hadid’s vision was to create a giant metal extrusion without columns to interrupt the space. This meant creating a structure that was tensioned by its foundations, a hugely complex challenge.


What degree would I have studied?

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


What would I do?

  • Undertake detailed structural engineering design. 
  • Prepare technical schedules. 
  • Plan and manage CAD documentation of design work.
  • Under guidance of senior staff, represent Buro Happold at meetings with the client, other professionals and suppliers.
  • Ensure service and project work are carried out within agreed deadlines and within budget. 
  • Ensure that appropriate service/design decisions are met. 
  • Ensure senior staff are kept informed of important and relevant service/design decisions and the objectives of the company and the client are achieved. 


What would a typical day look like?

No two days are the same, but as an overview…

 A typical day in the life...

What further qualifications could I work towards?

We are keen to support your activity towards chartered status. We will support employees to achieve the highest level of membership and registration their academic background allows.


What is life really like?

“As a graduate, BuroHappold has given me the opportunity to work on a number of national and international projects of architectural significance, not to mention the opportunity to work with other disciplines within the built environment. The best thing about working for BuroHappold…the atmosphere and working culture of the company!”